The FISP Loader is Windows 8/8.1 compatible


The FISP Loader is designed for use with your FISP device. Included in the FISP Loader is the most up to date firmware.

FISP-JTAG supports:

  • Atmel ARM7 SAM7 series
  • Atmel AVR series with the JTAG interface or ISP interface
  • NXP LPC21xx/23xx series
  • MSP430 series

Other devices can be added on request. Soon to be added: Texas Instruments MSP430 series.


Requirements for the FISP loader:

  • Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98SE
  • USB Port
  • Hard Disk approx 5Mb
  • SVGA 800 x 600 minimum

Installing the FISP Loader

Download the FISP Loader. After downloading, run Setup.exe.
Follow all instructions to install the whole package. For more information on installing the FISP loader, see our Fisp Installation guide

NB:  You must install the USB driver even if you are using the FISP-LV


New Versions

Periodically there are new releases of the FISP Loader software. To find out whether there is a newer version available, in the FISP Loader, from the Help menu, select "FISP Update."


Why Update?

Anyone who is using older firmware versions should update to the latest version, as older versions may no longer be supported.


Known Issues:

No Known Issues